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juju deploy alertmanager-k8s
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In order to have alerts dispatched to your receiver(s) of choice, a configuration file must be provided to Alertmanager using the config_file option:

juju config alertmanager-k8s \

Note that if you use templates, you should use the templates_file config option instead of having a templates section in your yaml configuration file. (This is a slight deviation from the official alertmanager config spec.)

Use the templates_file option to push templates that are being used by the configuration file:

juju config alertmanager-k8s \
  config_file='@path/to/alertmanager.yml' \

All templates need to go into this single config option, instead of the ‘templates’ section of the main configuration file. The templates will be pushed to the workload container, and the configuration file will be updated accordingly.

Refer to the official templates documentation for more details.

To verify Alertmanager is using the expected configuration you can use the show-config action:

juju run-action alertmanager-k8s/0 show-config --wait

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