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juju deploy alertmanager-k8s
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Alermanager can handle different types of relations in the provides side and in the requires side.



    interface: alertmanager_dispatch

Over the the alertmanager_dispatch relation interface Alermanager can be related to charms that can forward alerts to it, for example: Prometheus, Loki.

juju relate alertmanager-k8s:alerting prometheus-k8s:alerting

Karma dashboard

    interface: karma_dashboard

The karma_dashboard relation interface links an entire Alertmanager cluster to a Karma dashboard. Scaling alertmanager would automatically cause karma to group alerts by cluster.

juju relate alertmanager-k8s:karma_dashboard karma-k8s:karma_dashboard

Self metrics endpoint

    interface: prometheus_scrape

This Alertmanager charm may forward information about its metrics endpoint and associated alert rules to a Prometheus charm over the self-metrics-endpoint relation using the prometheus_scrape interface. In order for these metrics to be aggregated by the remote Prometheus charm all that is required is to relate the two charms as in:

juju relate alertmanager-k8s:self-metrics-endpoint prometheus:metrics-endpoint

Grafana dashboard

    interface: grafana_dashboard

Over the grafana-dashboard relation using the grafana-dashboard interface, this Alertmanager charm also provides meaningful dashboards about its metrics to be shown in a Grafana Charm .

In order to add these dashboards to Grafana all that is required is to relate the two charms in the following way:

juju relate alertmanager-k8s:grafana-dashboard grafana-k8s:grafana-dashboard

Grafana Source

    interface: grafana_datasource

This charm may provide a data source to Grafana through the grafana-source relation using the grafana_datasource interface.

juju relate alertmanager-k8s:grafana-source grafana-k8s:grafana-source



    interface: ingress
    limit: 1

Interactions with the Alertmanager charm can not be assumed to originate within the same Juju model, let alone the same Kubernetes cluster, or even the same Juju cloud. Hence the charm also supports an Ingress relation.

Alertmanager typically needs a “per app” Ingress. The ingress relation is available in the traefik-k8s charm and this Alertmanager charm does support that relation over ingress interface.

juju relate alertmanager-k8s:ingress traefik-k8s:ingress

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