Metallb Controller

juju deploy cs:~containers/metallb-controller
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Channel Version Platform
latest/stable 15
latest/candidate 15
latest/beta 13
latest/edge 14


  • iprange | string


    For the Layer 2 Configuration only. This is the IP range from which MetalLB will have control over and choose IPs from to distribute to kubernetes services requesting an external IP of type Load Balancer. The ip range can be specified as a range (i.e") or as a CIDR (i.e "") To be able to specify more than one ip pool, only the CIDR notation can be used (i.e ",").

  • protocol | string

    Default: layer2

    Type of configuration to use to announce service IPs. Upstream MetalLB supports both Layer 2 and BGP configuration. This charm currently only support the option 'layer2'. The layer 2 configuration works by responding to ARP requests on your local network directly, to give the machine's MAC address to clients.